Forms for Completion

 You may need The forms are your responsibility to complete but we will help you. The advice you receive and the prescribed financial statement we assist you in preparing, will be completed based on the information you provide.

The information we  request from you is mandatory and not optional.

We will ask for supporting information to verify your Income and your Debts. Until you provide such information we will not be in a position to help you. 

You are looking for relief from your debts. Logically then, we need to know which debts, how much debt, what your account number and with whom. Under an Insolvency arrangement, you pay what debts you can afford. Your Creditors require this information and supporting evidence so they can assess your ability to pay your Debts.

It’s fairly basic and common sense. You got loans by filling in such forms you can only get relief from those loans by filling the forms.

Help yourself by taking your time with them. If you are unsure, pick up the phone and we will help you complete them. You can get a certain amount of Information from the Central Credit Register and the Irish Credit Bureau which may save you time. You may need to call your Mortgage Provider for some details such as Interest Rate, amount of arrears. Again that will take you 5 minutes. Leaving it blank does not enable you to skip the process. It won’t.

Principally, we get paid from the proceeds of an  arrangement. You are asking us to help you. We can only do this when you start helping yourself. If you are not committed to working with us to complete the forms then we are likely to terminate the relationship. 

To complete and get the supporting paperwork will take about 1 hours time. It’s your life and future so take the time necessary to complete it.

When your paperwork has been completed in full with supporting documentation you will be given your appointment.

For the time being, you can post them to Karl O’Daly, 4 Colpe View, Deepforde, Drogheda, Co Meath but our preference is that you scan them where possible. Call us on 0868815710 if you have any queries.

Downloadable Forms

Debtor Questionnaire

This form is required in order to receive written advice or advice under the Abhaile Scheme.

Click Here to Download

Short Debtor Questionnaire

This short form can only be used to get a quick snap-shot of your eligibility.

Click Here to Download

MABs PIP Application Form

This form must be completed if you wish to avail of advice under the Abhaile Scheme.

Click Here to Download


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